STEP Zero got me out of my timeshare mortgage

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This post is for everyone on here who has posted complaints and left it at that. Thinking I'll blow off steam online then tomorrow all my problems will go away. I was swindled in to buying a timeshare

a couple years ago. My salesman promised the world that turned into a freaking nightmare. Not knowing

exactly what I left the sales office with. I started reviewing my stack of mortgage papers when I got home and found I had signed on to a lifetime of debt! I called back to sales office and was told there was nothing I could do to get out as I had signed legal documents. What they didn't tell me is that how they got me to sign was illegal in the first place. The pressure, dirty sales tactics and outright lies I was told was sickening! As a busy professional, like alot of us I put it on the backburner and before I knew it I had wasted $8,712 not including burning $2,875 on my down payment. Enough was enough! I did research on the Web and found a company called STEP Zero. It stands for Simple Timeshare Exit Plan- exactly what I was looking for. This company walked me thru the process step by step, the cool thing was that I had to qualify with them before they would even take my case. They wouldnt even take my money unless they were 100% sure they could get me out. Well, they did more than that! A few months later upon completion of my exit plan. I actually received a settlement of close to 75% of the money I had wasted on the timeshare!! I told these guys I would do whatever I could to promote their awesome service and that is why I am posting this today. I wanted to let all of you know that there are still good people who are truthful out there. If you are posting on this site then you are most likely in the same situation I was before I called STEP Zero. I hope this post reaches all of you. Check them out at or call them at 1-888-552-1358. Theyre for real

Jimmy- St. Louis



How long did it take them to get you out of the timeshare

San Jose, California, United States #764508

Before buying a timeshare, calculate the total cost of the timeshare, including mortgage payments and expenses, like travel costs, annual maintenance fees and taxes, closing costs, broker commissions, and finance charges.Then compare these costs with the cost of renting similar accommodations with similar amenities in the same location for the same time period.

And remember, a timeshare is not an investment for profit or an interest in real estate that will likely appreciate over time.And if you try to resell your timeshare, it is unlikely you will get any way near what you paid for it:

Cypress, Texas, United States #711407

What Step Zero doesn't tell you is that in addition to the $3995 you pay them up front, they contract outside legal services that charge you an additional 25% of what they recover for you. Also, if you decide to cancel with them, they take 350 days to refund your money, and then, they only refund approximately 75% of it.

I recommend that you stay away. They should disclose all this up front.

to Joe Hillsboro, Missouri, United States #906094

In reply I'd like to say I got out of my timeshare quickly with StepZero.What Joe isn't telling you is that the simple document you sign upfront which consist of 3 pieces of paper does disclose the 25% to the attorneys if in fact there is a monetary settlement.

Also with all due respect Joe but if I'm challenging a contract why would I want or expect to work with anyone less than a REAL attorney? If your complaining because you didn't read the documents then shame on you. By the way I was never promised any refund settlement by any StepZero Staff but they got me out of my contract and saved me over $37,000 and I couldn't be happier! I think you made a mistake Joe.

One other thing, how many attorneys have you hired That gave you ANY money back after you decided 6 months in that you just didn't want to do it.Bad form bro 75% was a gift

Fenton, Missouri, United States #636205

They're closed now. Thank goodness. Now they can't cause any more damage.

to PretzelFan #906225

Step Zero is open... Never closed... FYI


Jimmy, I just read your post about StepZero and would like to hear more about your experience with them. I have been in contact with them but we feel skeptical since we have been taken advantage several times already trying to "rent" a timeshare that we have. We just want to get rid of it but don't feel like lining someone else's pockets.

Thanks, Rich

to Rich - St. Louis #906218

Hey Rich.You've got nothing to lose by calling these guys.

They didn't charge me anything until they qualified me with a thorough consultation.

Right now I imagine you are just lining your timeshare companies pockets.With StepZero you'll pay one time and you'll be done.

to Anonymous #1133011

What is the 25% extra fee everyone is talking about?If you don't want any money back in order to get out of the legal contract with your time share are you just paying the one-time fee from Step Zero?

I have a timeshare with Silver Leaf Resorts and I'm a newly wed and really want to get out of it! I have never been pressured to buy as much as I was with them. Eight hours is ridiculous! They even came to my house to get the check for the down payment.

Spending $400 a month and maintenance fees is outrageous. I can't get ahead in life with wasting my money on this.

If I pay Step Zero their price to get the process going is that the only fee I need to pay?I'm not interested in my money back, but if they were able to get any back does that mean they take 25% of it back?

to Anonymous #1133023

You just pay their asking fee for the lawyer and if you are not interested in getting any money back from the dispute, do they still charge you a 25%fee? Or is that only if you get money back? Do they just take the 25% out of the money you get back?

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